Welcome to Sadar Wisata Restaurant Ketambe

View inside the restaurant
Restaurant - Hamock-Ares
Sadar Wisata is a family run guesthouse with an attached restaurant. Its located in the middle of the village Ketambe close to the river Alas and it has a beautiful view arround. The staff is famous for the good service to foreign travellers since many years.

We offer different kind of meals from the region, Indonesian and Western food. Our kitchen is open every day from 7 AM to 10 PM.

This restaurant place is not only to have your meal but also to meet people, talk to other travellers, relax in a hamock, as well as read and exchange books. If you are lucky you can even watch and listen monkeys and birds close to the restaurant, because the setting is inside a garden with trees and flowers.

Special Indonesian Food

Restaurant - Curry
One of our favorite dishes is the Indonesian Curry (see picture left).
This curry is made out of local vegetables. The spices used to mix the curry are all available at local markets near Ketambe. The special flavour comes from mixing it with coconut milk.
Our curry is very famous and its even mentioned in the latest Lonely Planet guidebook.

To have a traditional meal, e.g. Ayam Rendang (chicken in a spicy, thick coconut gravy with tamarind flavour and other local spices), Soto Ayam (yellow chicken soup with coconut milk), Semur (Chicken with a thick, sweet & salty gravy) or Soup Ayam (salted fresh cooked chicken soup), please order 2 hours in advance. Below you can see the pictures of these meals.
Restaurant - Indonesian  Food

Indonesian Food:      1. Ayam Rendang      2. Soto Ayam      3. Semur     4. Soup Ayam     (from left to right)

Support of local people - We buy local products

Restaurant - Local Market
We buy vegetable and ingredients at local markets!

Usually local markets take place in villages near Ketambe three times a week. We purchase vegatables, chicken and most of our ingredients needed for cooking at these markets e.g. in Aunan, Lak Lak or Seldok.

If you interested in visiting local markets you can do it by using local transport Labi Labi. They start from Ketambe at about 7 AM and then every half hour. The markets are open in the morning from 6 to 10 AM:
Tuesdays in Seldok (15 km from Ketambe)
Wednesdays in Aunan (4 km from Ketambe)
Fridays in Lak Lak (8 km from Ketambe)

You can just come in to have a meal or preorder by email or phone call. Please contact us - for details click: CONTACT