Welcome to one of the longest running guesthouses and restaurants in Ketambe

Sadar Wisata Guesthouse is one of the oldest and most popular guesthouses in Ketambe run by family. Since 1993 we have ensured our guests the very best experience of this beautiful region. Located in the middle of nature, surrounded by the North Sumatran rainforest with a view of Alas River from room’s balcony will make your morning woken up by birds singing and monkeys calling from Ketambe rainforest. The guesthouse was constructed by local craftsmen using natural and sustainable sourced materials and it is operated with environmentally and eco-friendly principles. Sadar Wisata Guesthouse provided travel information and solutions for travelers with a variety of budgets and needs. Our goal is to give travellers a taste of the colorful Indonesian culture and to protect the Gunung leuser national park, especially the habitat of the last Sumatran Orang-Utan.